About Us

About us

Electricalterminology.com is a blog that publishes technical content related to electricity, electronics, energy, and automation.

Our technical content can be used by professionals working in the electricity, energy, and automation sectors. Also students, and enthusiasts of these fields. 

Our visitors will have the opportunity to increase their technical knowledge and access to original content related to the electrical sector.

Who we are?

We have been in the electrical sector for almost 20 years. Our engineering journey began in 2001 after graduating from the electrical engineering department. After working in different global companies, now as a freelancer, we keep producing technical content for our readers. We like to write and share.

Before writing the content we made lots of research to give you the best information. We hope you will like our articles.

All of our writers are industry experts. We have extensive knowledge of electrical terms and definitions. You can trust our authoritativeness. All of the blog posts are written after detailed technical research considering your health and safety.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and add your ideas to the comment section.

Best wishes.

Electricaltermiology Team